February 25th, 2004


Now available....or coming soon....

I usually do this via email a couple times a year, but thought I might also post it here. Without further ado, titles that have been or will be released during the first half of 2004, and which were (and are) represented by yours truly.

Devlin's JusticeFade to RedDigging Up TroubleSilver's Edge

Patricia Bray: Devlin's Justice (March 2004): The third novel in The Sword of Change sequence featuring Devlin of Duncaer. "With the Sword of Light in enemy hands, and betrayed by those he loyally served, Devlin is imprisoned, tortured, and rumored dead.." The first book won the Compton Crook Award and Locus called it: "a promising start to a new series." Rousing fantasy adventure.

She used to write traditional regency romances, but wanted a change and jumped the fence to epic tales like this...I can't wait to read the proposal for the book she pitched to me at World Fantasy.

Linda Castillo: Fade to Red (May 2004): Lindsey Metcalf and ex-cop Michael Striker pair up -- "Their search for the truth will plunge them into a seedy world darker than they ever imagined--a seductive trap waiting for its next victim..." Linda was a 2001 RITA finalist and "engages the reader with anticipatory suspense..." (Romantic Times). Gripping tale of romantic suspense.

Kept me up all night reading the first time around...I just read her new book which won't be out until 2005, and it was even better. Linda rocks!

Jo Ann Ferguson: Digging Up Trouble (March 2004) and The Wedding Caper (June 2004): The two most recent installments in her regency mysteries featuring Priscilla and Neville. "Set in a charming village by the sea and filled with a cast of quirky secondary characters, the first in a new series by Ferguson is an amusing blend of mystery and romance." (Booklist)

These are so much fun!"

Craig Shaw Gardner: Angel - Dark Mirror (April 2004): A really spooky adventure set in Joss Whedon's ANGEL series by the New York Times best-selling author.

Anne Kelleher: Silver's Edge (June 2004): From Harlequin's new fantasy line LUNA. "Through the Shadowlands where the touch of silver was protection, power, and peril." Marion Zimmer Bradley called one of Anne's earlier novels "fascinating - a most ingenious blend of science fiction and fantasy."

This is the first of 9 (!!!) books I sold to LUNA last year; for three different authors. I can't wait to see how they do. So far, I think they're doing a great job on covers and packaging. This one is just that sort of ethereal Fae fantasy that gives you daydreams....

Sharon Lee & Steve Miller: Balance of Trade (February 2004): Set in the early space-trading days of the Liaden Universe®, the story of how an ordinary Terran became the pivot point in galactic clash of cultures, and how the more he tried to be just like his father, the less the universe seemed inclined to help. More than that: by trying to survive he became living proof that....A Little Knowledge is A Dangerous Thing.

Mike Shepherd: Kris Longknife - Mutineer (February 2004): Elizabeth Moon says, "Kris Longknife is a gutsy, complex character with a twist of wry humor to leaven the kick-butt attitude. Fast-paced, exciting, nicely detailed, with some innovative touches." Great military science fiction.

Ssshhhh....this is actually a pseudonym for one of my clients, picking up in his own universe a couple generations down the road.

Dayton Ward w/ Kevin Dilmore: Star Trek, A Time to Sow (April 2004) and Star Trek, A Time to Harvest (May 2004)

Laurin Wittig: Charming the Shrew (May 2004): A captivating story filled with the passion, intrigue, and magic of historical Scotland--where a sharp-tongued beauty meets her match in a man who vows to tame her...as they fight to thwart a scheme that could topple thrones and destroy their homeland.

Balance of TradeEnsign Longknife: MutineerTime to HarvestCharming the Shrew
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