February 18th, 2004


To Boskone I did go...

Arrived Friday afternoon and managed to get myself checked in and settled just in time to get in a first pass at Larry's table in the Dealer's Room before I had to run off to the first client meeting. Collapse )

I never seem to sleep well my first night in a hotel, so Saturday started off in a somewhat blurry place. Collapse )

Luckily, with the clients all taken care of, Sunday was more for myself. Collapse )

Now it's back to work and trying not to think about how soon the next conference is...and trying to forget how much they wear me out because it means not getting a day off before hitting the paperwork again. *wry smile*

*re: the "Editoral Eye" panel -- the gist of it left me with two questions that I never got to ask as I tend to feel that those in the audience who aren't agents should be able to get in theirs as I'll always have more opportunity. One of them arose from a comment made (by Ginjer Buchanan, I think) that once a publisher gets pegged for a niche, they tend to try and capitalize on it. True, but the other side of that coin is that you then can get rejections which state they already have enough vampire books, and aren't taking anymore. Or something along those lines. Oh -- and the second question I considered throwing into the mix had to do with how much of the shaping of a line occurs pre-acquire and how much of it occurs in editorial revision. I never asked either one but both are food for thought.
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