February 17th, 2004


to read or not to read

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and there's also this over on the Night Shade boards...

In summary -- a young teenage girl ordered Asimov's from her school's magazine drive. Her mother casually flipped through the first copy that arrived and found stories she felt were inappropriate for her daughter. She went to the authorities to have the magazine removed from the subscription service permanently. You can see the whole story here.

Questions that arise....

How *does* one decide what's appropriate or inappropriate? And if it's inappropriate for my sister, or god-daughter, or some other relative, does that automatically carry through to everyone else's daughters? And -- if it were, say, an article in Newsweek, would children need to be shielded from that too? Where exactly is the line between protection and allowing for experience as the best teacher?

Thank goodness my mother wasn't reviewing all the stuff that I was reading as a child...
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