January 26th, 2004


A-travelin' we will go...

I've seen this on nihilistic_kid, imlass, and lintra at least...

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According to the map, I've visited 32 States, which is 62% -- so I've still 38% to go. I can blame most of this on various Writers' Conferences, and I guess there are just a lot more of them in the Eastern half of the States than in the Western half (though I know there are many on the West Coast). Or at least I get invited to more of them east of the Mississippi. At the moment, I'm hoping to add Alaska by hitting the 2007 Bouchercon. However, that may depend on whether Japan wins the Worldcon bid for 2007. World Fantasy this year is in Arizona, which I also have yet to visit -- BUT...I might be going to the Frankfurt Bookfair and I doubt I'll do both. Filling in the map may take a bit as I go to a lot less conferences than I did a couple years ago.

Anyway....back to work. I've got 6 contracts to read (and I'm optimistically hoping I can get them all done before lunch - ha!) and various other piles of paperwork, plus pork chops to get into brine.
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