December 9th, 2003


Discipline? We don't need no stinkin' discipline.

A lot of you had some very fine responses to my inquiry over the weekend about what you considered to be the most difficult part of writing -- I'm still taking notes.... I noticed that a large percentage chimed in on the "apply butt to chair" obstacle. Next point of curiousity -- do you have any tricks to help you in this regard? (e.g. a reward system like I sometimes use -- if you only read these next fifty query letters, Jenn, *then* you can have a nip of that fine Scotch waiting up on the shelf...) What motivates you most? What intimidates you most (or what will you use as the easiest off-ramp on the writing highway)? And the other side of the coin (it's not just the discipline, right?) -- where do you find the time in your busy life to squeeze the words out, or to make writing a priority? Are there tricks to that too?

(Yeah,'s what makes this biz -- could it *really* be as good as this query suggests -- well, maybe I'll just ask for fifty pages.... Just call me Alice.)
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