December 7th, 2003


Just in case anyone hasn't heard....

....about the lovely people at Publish America and the great strides they are making on behalf of writer-kind....

He sums it up pretty nicely. I've been skimming forums in various locations (notably and speculations -- and slogged through some of the message boards over on PA's own site - *owie*). I think somewhere brewing in the back of my mind is something about the importance of understanding the industry of publishing as opposed to the art of writing (if, in fact, the writer's goal is to be published in such a way as to win acclaim and large advances *grin*)...but I'm still too asleep (and snowed in) to come up with anything lengthy and coherent on the subject. However, at the very least, I'd like to congratulate Preditors and Editors and Writer Beware on all the excellent work they have done. I have referred numerous new writers to their sites, and I'm glad they have made such resources available.
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