December 2nd, 2003


Things not to do...

...when attempting to solicit the interest of an agent.

If pressed, I could probably come up with a couple of these, but I'm only going to mention this one from yesterday... Do not send me a spammish email with cc lines that include other agents (or in which I'm in the cc). Do not have said spammish email consist only of a one line attempt at a high concept and a link to the xlibris info on your book. Furthermore, do not do this to me twice (even if it is two different books) only 20 minutes apart. Thank you. I can think of few agents that would consider this professional behavior, and those that might are likely not the type of agent one wishes to attract. This public service announcement brought to you by the letter "Q" (which stands for Query). We now return you to your (ir)regularly scheduled life.
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