November 12th, 2003


Consarn it...

There I was.... Having a very successful day yesterday. I'd gotten five client proposals/manuscript partials that had come back to me (rats, rats, rats) packed up and ready to go out again to new markets. Researched a brand new project in an area I've never marketed to before (inspirational fiction, if you must know -- no, really) and had it set to go to its first mark. And I'd followed up on nearly all my outstanding submissions that have been sitting too long (just three letters to write this morning but I got through all the calls and everyone I could do by email).

Even better....I'd read a manuscript over the weekend from someone I'd met at a conference last spring. And I'd really, really, really liked it (except for a few little niggly editorial comments -- really, not so many...honest). I even found time to write up an email to the author with all the details and expressing my interest. (Of course, now I'm waiting to hear back from them whether they think I was being vaguely reasonable, or whether they've gone off and found other representation while they were waiting for me to get to this....pins and needles I tell ya...I'm checking my email about every three seconds).

I was feeling productive. I was feeling successful. I was just going to run off and get a nice feel-good out of mailing all these projects and having them out there again..... And.... The post office was closed. I didn't think Veteran's Day was one of the ones they got. But, apparently so. Go figure. How dare they be closed after I did all that?!
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