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the pleasure of agenting

Yesterday, I asked about the pleasure of writing, and last night reading all the many comments it got me thinking about the things that make agenting an experience for its own sake (not just trying to make enough to pay the bills). So, here's a partial list that's occurred to me throughout today:

* Telling a client you are about to close their book deal and getting a response that includes "*bounce* *bounce* *bounce*"

* Reading a manuscript on submission from a potential client and feeling: "yes! this is it!"

* Having 3 books you represented land on the New York Times list simultaneously (this was the thing that happened yesterday that got me thinking about this topic from my own point of view)

* Getting queries down to below 100 (well, so, it hasn't happened for a while but it's a good goal and I can remember having done it at some point and it sure felt like an accomplishment)

* Seeing books you represented in the bookstore and overhearing someone as they grab it from the shelf and exclaim: "I've been waiting for this!" and then gush to their friend.

* Brainstorming with a client and hearing the brilliant idea as it is born.

I will bet after I post this that I will think of some more, but this will be a good list to come back to if I have a frustrating day like Agent Nathan -- who has some really good advice on that subject which looks kind of obvious when you read it, but once in a while you need someone to point it out to you since it's so easy to get caught up and overwhelmed by everything else.
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