Jennifer Jackson (arcaedia) wrote,
Jennifer Jackson


Thanks everyone for the comments on commenting yesterday. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who found it ironic that I ended up with so many on that particular post. It was interesting to see what people thought. I don't tend to actually think about comments when I'm writing, so maybe that explains it too.

In any case.... had a curious thing happen. People respond to my responses to queries all the time. Every week there's a handful of "thanks for your time" or "thanks for your feedback." I certainly don't mind those -- nor, do I think they are a requirement. But, when they are courteous, they are pleasant. When they are not, or if they are downright insulting (e.g. you wouldn't know a commercial novel if it walked up and smacked your momma), then.... they are not so nice. But I had a new one happen this week.

I sent my response declining the query on the basis that I was not excited about the idea. I tried to be straightforward but polite. In response, the person sent me their entire manuscript - as an attachment - with the suggestion that I just read it anyway and let them know where I stopped. I was taken aback. I wonder if when they ask a girl if they can buy her a drink, and she says no, do they order a pitcher delivered to the table? Doesn't no still mean no? In any case, I was uncertain what to do, and certainly wasn't going to open an unsolicited attachment. And I suspected if I emailed them back to explain why I wasn't going to read it, they'd just keep after me. So, I ended up deciding that I should just delete it, so I did. What would you have done?
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