Jennifer Jackson (arcaedia) wrote,
Jennifer Jackson

measuring success in non-tangibles

From an email one of my clients sent to me today:

"Money or property you can qualify and quantify but to me it is not a watermark for progress in life, or for happiness, nor is a growing bank account an escape...It is true that in many ways, especially at the time, you offered me a life-line when you signed me up, whether this will result in success for us seems almost secondary now."

This author and I have been working together for quite some time and, as yet, we have not succeeded in making a sale. But I continue to have faith in their talent and they continue to have faith in mine. (Indeed, this author has garnered the most complimentary set of rejections I have ever seen!) I didn't know their personal situation when I offered representation, so there was no way for me to know what effect I was having then. I cannot quite describe the feeling I got upon reading the statement above, but I wanted to note this one down to come back to on the days when I am feeling overwhelmed. So, when that avalanche of paper is threatening to consume me, and it feels like a thankless task, I can look at this and know that it doesn't take a book sale, or a quantity of royalties, to show that this endeavor in which I'm engaged is worthwhile.
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