Jennifer Jackson (arcaedia) wrote,
Jennifer Jackson

loving what you do

In my post yesterday, I got a lengthy anonymous response which was really interesting, particularly the part about people who want to write but aren't even casual readers (it doesn't strike me as impossible but not taking part in the creative overmind seems like it might make some aspects tougher). Agent Jonathan responded today in that thread, and I agree completely with his comment:

Most publishing professionals feel the same way as me. Almost all could be making more money and working less hours in another profession. But they don't because they love their work.

Agent Jonathan speaks from passion and I applaud. I love being a literary agent. I did not go to college planning on being one, though I loved books and reading and knew that I wanted to be involved in publishing. When I ended up working at DMLA, the role was a perfect fit. It's me. And no matter how challenging some aspects of it can be or the day-to-day stuff that might bog me down (and about which I might talk too much), it's what I want to be when I grow up -- except I'm not growing up, so I'll just be it now. I know loving what you do is more rare than it should be in this world, so I'll count myself one of the lucky ones.
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