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p.s. from the query wars

Think about the difference between the response detailed here:

And this one in my own inbox:
"Thank you for your response.
It was a pleasure to contact you. Please allow me to wish you continued success in your endeavours."

If you feel that you want to reply to a response, please use the 2nd method and not the first. So far this weekend I have one of the former, though not nearly as bad as the one on The Swivet, but it did explain a lot to me about what I don't understand about the publishing business and my own short-sightedness. I hope the author felt better afterwards. Luckily, I also got several similar to the latter so the taste in my mouth is just the teensiest bit sour, and I will continue reading queries with optimism and trying not to anticipate the inevitable (hopefully, rare) bad apple in the barrel.

Also: queries sent via the MySpace page will not get responses. Just saying it out loud. Submission guidelines are here.
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