Jennifer Jackson (arcaedia) wrote,
Jennifer Jackson

letters from the query wars

# of queries read this week: 170
# of partials requested: 3
genres of partials requested: paranormal romance (1), YA fantasy (1), supernatural literary (1)

This week has seemed like one long game of catch-up. And a battle against burn-out. I always seem to forget that when you leave for a conference on Thursday and get back late Sunday night that it means you really didn't get a weekend and you also lost two work days in the office. And missed a few days of evening/weekend reading time while the queries and partials and manuscripts kept coming. Still, I wouldn't trade it for any other job. Ever. I'm doing exactly what I want to be doing. And how many people get to honestly say that?

Evenso, I'm definitely looking forward to this weekend (even if I plan to read 3 manuscripts or so).

And if the query wars have got you hiding in the trenches, go read this story of a battle won over at Agent Jonathan's blog: A Query Success Story.
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