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Jennifer Jackson

random commentary

Two new projects going out to market today. The prep, the pitching, the actual submitting.... always so time consuming to get just right. But it feels so good. They are shiny. And marvelous. And deserve good publishing homes with enthusiastic editors who really "get" them. They are also about as different as night and day, and aren't even in the same genre, which is one of the reasons I have so much trouble with that "what are you looking for" type of question.

Also read three full manuscripts and started a fourth this week. One of those looks very likely to result in my committing new client-age. The other three were all client manuscripts already. I also received four new manuscripts this week (two client, two non-client). Four steps forward, four steps back on the materials awaiting attention.

Typing out loud: despite the fact that nearly everywhere on the internet that my submission guidelines appear it says that I prefer snail mail to electronic queries (last night I nearly killed myself trying to read an email that had the teensy tiniest font ever and all the carriage returns stripped out), I am now getting them in a ratio of 1:2, respectively. Yep, twice as many electronic submissions as paper ones this week. They don't appear to be twice as good, so far. Perhaps if they all came in standard format this would be far less painful. Particularly with respect to the ones that are pink.

I'm also on disc 4 of the first season of Criminal Minds. Curse you matociquala.
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