Jennifer Jackson (arcaedia) wrote,
Jennifer Jackson

because we never have enough submissions.... oh, wait....

TNH posted about display sites: -- read the comment thread herein. And, I have to agree with TNH that these sites essentially don't work. Or at the very least, don't work any better than the slush pile method. And add another level to the process (actually, what is with these letters showing up lately where someone has been hired to get a writer an agent?) I can't say it better than Victoria: And then there's this:

*eyes her own slush with both trepidation (because of height, really) and hunger (because one always hopes to find the next gem)*

And if you haven't had enough, I also stumbled across: which is basically a variation on the theme that fills me with skepticism. Exactly who in this brilliantly conceived alternate publishing model is going to do all the parts of agenting that aren't about just getting the initial offer, because as Jane Dystel says (not, really) that's all we do:

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